launch issue

Hi I am having an odd issue. Explaining maybe long but figure the more you know the better. I installed PSO2 on my laptop works fine just not much space since you cant install on an external drive. I installed it on my desktop works fine until I shut down desktop then if I turn desktop back on and try to launch all I get is a bar by the icon on the app of the start menu and it does nothing. it will not launch at all even if I restart my desktop at this point I uninstall the game and reinstall with no problems until I shut down my desktop again; back to square one. I have no problems if I put desktop in sleep or logout. I can shut down on my laptop without problems just don't wish to just play game on it because lack of space and graphics. if need more info just let me know.

from KyjoSoul.

that problem is related to the MS store, so far there's no way to prevent to happen 100% of the time even using the tweaker, now if you don't want to deal with the MS store you can install it by the tweaker and not have to deal with the random possibility of the game simply stop working for no reason

It seems the game deleted itself. That's a common problem with the Win10 version of PSO2.

Currently the best solution right now is deleting the entire game (the game will leave reminenets of itself, so go into your add/remove and uninstall the game completely if it's there) and reinstalling it through the PSO2 Tweaker. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and you'll be alright. You might want to look up a video about how to do it as they're much easier to follow step-by-step.