[Ship 3] Oracle





Hi! I am currently managing a ship 3 alliance with approximately 35 members (where currently, and sadly, less than 10 members are active). Would you and your alliance be interested in a merge? (I haven't really mentioned or decided anything with my alliance members yet, but if I know for sure that the option is "on the table" then I can suggest it!)

We're usually close to full capacity, so we do not have space for 35 members. If you could remove all inactive players first, maybe we can work something out. However I'd suggest you get to know us first by joining our Discord to avoid any frustrations should we not be a good match for each other.

I already have a scout on your Discord and await more information. And it's the active members that need to be merged, so room for ~10 members would be nice/good.

Well, your scout didn't reach out to us for that matter, it would be really helpful if you would let us know who we are looking for, so we can actually exchange information with said person. It would be even more easier if you, as the manager of your alliance, would join the Discord yourself, as we would like to have information on your alliance aswell. This does make little sense to me, why even send a middleman?

I think we misunderstood each other. I haven't sent anyone as a scout, but someone from our alliance caught interest in your alliance and joined your Discord to have a look around. I/we will of course join your Discord to discuss things further, if it comes to that. We will get back to you when we have made serious plans about merging! Thanks in advance!

Applications have been reopened, we're looking for active Phantom and Etoile players!

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