[Ship 3 - Aelio 010] Oracle

Hey there, we're currently recruiting!

Is level 85 main/sub a requirement for joining the alliance, or just a recommendation?

It's not a requirement, you can still join. It's recommended to be that high if you want to run triggers or urgent quests with other members since we play on the highest difficulty for max rewards.

Happy New Year! We're currently recruiting!

Hi! We're currently recruiting!

Hey there, we're still recruiting!

Hi, we're currently recruiting!

Hi, we are currently recruiting!

Hello, we're currently recruiting!

Hi, we're recruiting!

Hey there, we're currently recruiting!

The alliance I'm currently in is basically dead as a doorknob so I was looking around for an active group to join! My main has lvl 85 Hunter, 90Hero, 83 Phantom as well as an alt attached to it with lvl 77 Etoile~ Would love to join if possible ;w; ❤

Hi, you are more than welcome to join! Just look for us in-game!

Yay! I sent a scout for you guys~<3

Hi, we're currently recruiting!