[Ship 3 - Aelio 010] Oracle

Update: Alliance currently full, please join the Discord to be notified when there's available space.


Oracle is an Alliance home to Aelio 10 on Ship 3: Thorn. It has been found near the launch of the PC release and has been steadily growing since. The alliance consists of 90 active members and we're constantly recruiting more! While our goal is to build an active and social community that participates in endgame content, we also welcome newer players and offer tips and advice to catch up and reach the same level.

Who we are:

  • One of the top Alliances of Ship 3, throwing weekly Trigger Parties and various other Events.
  • A helpful and active community which currently consists of around 90 members across the globe which you can party up or just hang out with
  • A competent team (some veterans from PSO1 and PSO2 Classic) who will gladly assist you if you have any need for advice
  • Alliance Quarters that will change its theme each month to have variety
  • A Photon Tree which has maxed all of its buffs

What we're looking for:

  • As stated above, we're looking to build an active social community, so some sort of communication would be nice.
  • We'd appreciate if you were willing to join our Level 3 Discord Server as it allows for better communication than ingame functions. You are not forced to join any voice chats and you will not be spammed or pinged all the time. It's simply for organisation purposes and to have another place to engage in chats to socialise.
  • All skill levels are welcome if you're willing to improve. It's the effort we appreciate the most.
    • This does not include elitism as we still value fun over efficiency.

Things you may want to know:

  • You do want to have atleast level 85 in your main and subclass in order to clear quests on highest difficulty with us together. As the game evolves so should we. As a result, this requirement is subject to be updated. We recommend a Battle Power of atleast 1200 in order to party up for Urgent Quests with us for now.
  • We are mostly active on Block 10 in EU evening hours. We have members all over the globe and no matter where you're from, you're welcome to join, however this is when activities are at its peak. We use UTC time format when organising events.
  • If you don't feel like joining you are still free to hang around on our Discord Server as a guest and participate in discussions and events. If you do wish to become a member, you can find our alliance on the Visiphone, contact any Officer or send an application here.

We are organising regular Gatherings with our active members where we take a day off from our duties as ARKS Defenders and just relax for a while. If you happen to catch us on one of those breaks, feel free to come say hi and join us. More group photos can be found here.

0racle Gathering1





Gath09 - Casino Night



Fashion Contest



Nice! I like the logo, however I'd consider changing the 0racle to something more distinct to visually see it's a 0 instead of an O as it looks like it uses the same "O" from Phantasy Star Online. I'd consider joining but I'm on ship 2. So consider this a bump, keep our communities thriving!!

Hey, thanks for the encouraging words. I edited the logo from the anime so hopefully the difference between the O and 0 is more clear now.

We've already gained a few numbers but we're still looking for more candidates. You can contact us by joining our discord or by using the ARKS Alliance Search and typing in 0racle on the Visiphone.

Have fun everyone!




Good day,

I’m on CST and have one character (Baelzebub) with all classes at 75, I’m gearing my gu/hu. I attempted to start my own alliance but with my current schedule I really just want to play and not focus on promoting so much. I’m looking for a guild to have fun with. I have two alts in there 40s/50s.

You mention time attacks, but my focus is extreme quests and ultimate quests. But I am open to anything anyone might want to do as well. I’ll have to leave my current guild to join yours so just let me know when you’re available for an invite.


Welcome to 0racle Baelzebub,

as Ultimate Quests serve only farming purposes and no competitions like TAs etc. do, they are not our endgame focus. However as we stated, we welcome everyone and help those in need out, it's not like we never run these quests, it just means that they're not ultimate goal to run them. So far everyone's been nice on Discord, nobody's forbidden to form teams for any type of content, we value kindness and common respect over anything else.






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