Ability to change color of telegraphs

Im not sure if this is an option in the game already, I have been unable to find anything on JP servers.

But it would be nice to have the ability to change the color of enemy spell telegraphs. For example when facing the menacing castle, There is a lot of red on the screen, The castle has a beam that shoots across the field that stuns you and combos into another beam. I find it very difficult to see the initial telegraph. Green / Blue would be great options.


As someone who is colorblind. I find it difficult with things like that. In most cases I've adapted to watching the attacking patterns and knowing just from knowledge of playing the game for so long. I would like to see this implemented.

@The-Question I am technically color blind as well, never knew until I went to sign up for the US National Guard. I can look at any color and tell you what color it is, But when it comes to distinguishing colors from one another I cannot. Mostly in Browns and Tans. So I feel your pain.

@hAZE-1561 Sounds like a minor version of deuteranomaly. Which is what I have. Reds, Browns, Tans, and Greens. Those colors give me a lot of trouble in most games since red is an extremely common color in games that use agitation or target marking.