What Are CAST? (possible Spoilers)

@SleeprunnerInc We were on a tangent talking about Phantasy Star Portable 2...

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Okay so I have to just throw this here.

PSO2 casts are their own thing.

They have NOTHING to do with any other game nor their evolutionary systems.

CASTS in PSO2 are purely what you see and were made as they are since PSO2 is set in it's own complete universe.

PSU having sequels in the form of Phantasy star portable and so on where they are literally CASTS too set in their OWN universe and they don't have anything to do with the older titles.

So this whole topic is more or less NULL in the sense that we need to figure out WHICH universes CAST we are talking about since they are all different and not related to each other.

Not only that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantasy_Star

PSO2 is more or less a spinoff title so everything that happens in it' is only relevant to it's own world and lore.

So it's not canon towards PSO1, PSU nor the original Phantasy stars.

I began to believe this long ago. All but the part about being completely unrelated. It's already known that Sega tossed the concept of parallel universes. Yes, this concept if used too freely can make mince meat of most any lore and any hopes for consumers to fully follow it. But it can also be used to explain similar but not quite the same things, like Casts from PSO1 compared to PSO2, Zero, and the Universe series.

@Mattwo7 And?

I clarified that PSO2 has nothing to do with it.

@ZorokiHanuke Unfortunately not in this case.

PSO2 is a spinoff where the CASTS were just made as they are.

Similarity just so happens to be because it's a reference and since it's a phantasy star title, it's easier to re-use their character designs and just improve on it.

@SleeprunnerInc I personally won't venture so far as to state it is a spinoff. Let's also remember that because of what translation brings, we aren't even 100% sure of what the original creators wanted.

@ZorokiHanuke While that is true, PSO2's story is very much far off from the general series of Phantasy Star.

If anything, it could barely be linked to universe or PSO1, which again it barely could fit that looking at how the world is built and all the events in it.

If they were linked, PSO2's universe would be millions of lightyears away from the universe and PSO1 universe and thus they would have their own CASTS made by the Photoner's sciences which were shared to the humans etc.

@SleeprunnerInc PSO2 has more ties to PSClassic than PSO1 at this point with Alis, Lutz and Nyau (an evolved musk cat or the predecessor of musk cats? Any relation to Myau?).

Though that said, PSIII apparently has ties to PSO1 with the ship in one of the endings supposedly either arriving on Coral or Ragol.

@Mattwo7 Ever heard of cameos or references and crossover events?

They can always bring characters from other series in to another game or from the same series to a different game in the series, it still wont make it canon in the universe.

Unless the game is directly tied to the previous installments, it hardly makes it canon to just have said characters.

Plus if we still take in to account that it's an alternative universe or another universe far away with similar beings that are just directly made as they are, then we return to point 0 again.

@SleeprunnerInc PSO2 does have some actual story cutscenes featuring Emilia and Vivienne from the Portable series where they end up in the Oracle universe during a Subspace experiment, similar to how Emilia and her team ended up on an alternate version of Ragol in PSPo2i. Basically, it is a multiverse.

@AndrlCh That's not a counterpoint to what they said, they already said it was Alternate universe stuff.

@AndrlCh So basically it negates the canon entry and turns it in to an alternative universe where everything is different yet the same.

We are back to square one baby!

And this is why I would have really liked a proper word by word translation. The more confusing a writer makes their franchises, the greater the need for better translation. Now instead of asking what's a Cast, I'm starting to ask myself.... what the heck is Phantasy Star exactly...

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what the heck is Phantasy Star exactly...

The ultimate illusion.

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@ZorokiHanuke said in What Are CAST? (possible Spoilers):

what the heck is Phantasy Star exactly...

The ultimate illusion.

A trip across space and time, where one person did enough acid and hardcore drugs to create a series that was hit or miss for the most part BUT gave us some pretty awesome stuff.

Kinda like Romancing Saga.

@SleeprunnerInc Not sure if woosh.


@Mattwo7 Can't be Woosh if ye can continue with a good sentence that fits the moment and shift the balance.