What Are CAST? (possible Spoilers)

@Mattwo7 Finnish mate.

All I am saying is, things get lost in translation.

If we all spoke native japanese and could fully understand it, we would have less trouble with these things.

All in all, it's most likely that each CAST in each game is a reboot or their own thing.

@SleeprunnerInc Synths eivät ole CASTs. sanotaan, että CASTs oli päivitetty versio synths. Kukaan ei sanonut soittavansa CASTs synths... ZorokiHANUKE n asia on, että he eivät edes muista missä se sanoivat päivitetty versio synths.

Well that wasn't easy because "made from" wasn't translating right so I had to change it to "upgraded version of". Also had to acronym-ize "synths" while using Google Translate.

Also "asia" is Finnish for "thing"? WTF?

@Mattwo7 I can tell you for sure that what you translated went completely apeshit and did not translate at all.

And yes asia is Thing. Asia is Aasia which is Asia (The area) but also means Donkey (Contains Donkey for example.)

And once again, I never said Synths are casts.

I said the translation for Synths could come from a bad translation for anything else since the wording gets changed often and none of you can remember WHERE exactly said wording was used.

@SleeprunnerInc said in What Are CAST? (possible Spoilers):

I never said Synths are casts

I didn't say you did. You keep acting like someone said CASTs got translated as synths even though no one said that.

@Mattwo7 Didn't mean that either.

I'm purely talking about the word Synth being used instead of androids etc.

And since we still have no idea where that's actually used, I am leaning more and more towards lazy translations.

Besides SYNTH just means Android anyways.

@SleeprunnerInc I'm also settling with the concept of having slightly different lore per game (or per series of games) as well and the whole loss in translation thing. It would explain a bunch of things. The whole "casts are the evolution of synths" used solely on Portable 2 threw a wrench onto my thinking of what casts were, but like @Mattwo7 said, such an evolution can make sense. I mean why not? They are full machines in that series. And again, the word "evolution" is most likely used here not as darwinian evolution but as research time and work to develop them into ever more autonomous beings. Though if synths themselves can evolve in game from mag like machines to fully human looking ones, who is to argue a further step?

But I won't really go that far here. My real gripe with the synth thing is just that this description seems to be used solely on Portable 2 and nowhere else and it's what makes me doubt it a bit, making me suspect it COULD have been a translation error. I mean, what if the original Japanese text for Portable 2 said something along the lines of "Casts are artificial life forms that are more advanced than synths", and the translation team produced instead "Casts are artificial life forms evolved from synths". Both sound similar, but have different meanings.

@SleeprunnerInc No one said anything about "synth" being used instead of "android". PSU, PSP and PSP2 don't use the word "android" at all so I have no idea what you're going on about. It was PS Classic that used "Android" and PSO used "Android" as the race name for CASTs, even though the race/class combos all had "CAST" in their name, I never did understand that. PSU dropped "android" altogether, well before PSP2.

Let me try to explain this again: In PSP2, "synth" refers to the machine enemy group which I don't think had a name in PSU and PSP (these were NOT androids, these were autonomous non-cognitive robots like guard robots and assassin mechs. CASTs on the other hand were cognitively capable depending on how they were made) and MySynth which was previously called "Partner Machine" (non-cognitive robot servants that were the precursor to Auxiliaries that are a different concept than Phantasy Star's concept of androids). MySynths do not evolve nor can they be used to craft items unlike partner machines making the mechanic slightly different, they start in a humanoid form like a fully evolved Partner Machine and can be modified from there if you want.

Nothing about the word "android" is relevant to this and I don't think a translation error is the reason for the term being introduced in PSP2.

@Mattwo7 You brought in an explanation with a very important point I was missing as well (due to my memory of my experience in the Universe series mostly failing nowadays). The differences between Partner Machines, Synths, and MySynths. It's important to note what those three are to then discuss where PSP2 Casts come from, and if their lore really aligns or not with the rest of the Universe series. And really viewing the terms together like this makes me doubt even more that PSP2's translation was correct, unless I find more proof of one thing or the other.

@ZorokiHanuke It makes sense to me, partner machines are synths too but the term hadn't been introduced yet and it was a slightly different mechanic so they gave it a different name. See what happened here was a retcon.

Actually I have to wonder what Partner Machines were called in Japanese. The fan translation for the PSO2 Japanese servers calls the Personal Quarters MyRoom, which is formatted exactly like MySynth. Weird.

@Mattwo7 I suppose it'd take someone fluent in Japanese and English to read the lore and manuals of past games to really see what was intended from the JP source. Then again, IF we follow into the whole "each series being it's own lore" approach, we can simply set PSO2 as it's own separate but highly similar setting to the other games. Because by now, there's very little story-wise connecting PSO2 to PSO1, if anything at all. Only base lore is nearly the same, but with just enough difference in the outer details to make them not directly connected. Then again, I don't know anything about the next episodes to completely say they are 100% unrelated. After all, Universe tried to connect to PSO through the whole Rykros arc later on. So I wouldn't be surprised if Sega tries that jab again.

PrinceBrightstar has some hypotheses. I know that Rico and Flowen showed up in the Japanese servers at some point but I don't know the details behind that. I'm guessing they were phantasams or something or not plot-relevant.

@Mattwo7 From what I understand, a character with the visual appearance and name of Alis, shows up in later episodes of PSO2 as a story character from a parallel universe. This is of course a likeness and not the original Alis (in the same way I suppose the Nyau we have in the casino is not the original Myau either). I'd need to see if the Flowen and Rico you mentioned are actually the ghosts of the original characters, or just their likeness.

Sega being Sega, can toss it either way, or even just go for a "think whatever you want" approach to maintain the mystery. As that has been proven to be a viable tactic to keep people talking about their product, just as we are doing right now with the Cast origin thing.

@ZorokiHanuke Alis shows up inside of the world of the Akashic Record which survived Xion's destruction. the Akashic Record contains knowledge of both the past and future so it's hard to say if she's from the past or future. Other PSClassic characters were supposed to appear too but they were cut for reasons I forget.

Okay so I have to just throw this here.

PSO2 casts are their own thing.

They have NOTHING to do with any other game nor their evolutionary systems.

CASTS in PSO2 are purely what you see and were made as they are since PSO2 is set in it's own complete universe.

PSU having sequels in the form of Phantasy star portable and so on where they are literally CASTS too set in their OWN universe and they don't have anything to do with the older titles.

So this whole topic is more or less NULL in the sense that we need to figure out WHICH universes CAST we are talking about since they are all different and not related to each other.

Not only that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantasy_Star

PSO2 is more or less a spinoff title so everything that happens in it' is only relevant to it's own world and lore.

So it's not canon towards PSO1, PSU nor the original Phantasy stars.