The Time when I went 'hard' for a T-shirt.

I remember years ago, SEGA held some sort of a contest or draw, raffle or what have you on the forums. For some cool prizes like a Rappy plushy and some other PSØ game related things.

I don't know when or how, or why.... wait I do know why, I was hungry but the timing of the story I'm about to go into context with the over all scenario makes that previous statement make more sense. As I was saying... Years ago, everything I previously just mentioned.


SEGA Makes some sort of announcement (I think?) that they'll be selecting random posters of a particular thread for a entry into the raffle and announcing winners at a specific time! or something like that.. it was time ago so bare with me, and my 16 or 17 year old ass is like "WHEN!?!?!??!?@GQHFJ< HAFHKKSAGDHK:LSAJD|SL A:JGDBGSAHJKFJHK:SAL>DNL>SAL?D|J"SALK>RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPY T-SHIRT!??????"

So its like.... around dinner time (my time zone) for the announcement winners or something along those lines! But there's a catch.... I am very hungry. I AM VERY HUNGRY.. so my Mom decides it would be a awesome idea to go down to our local Chinese food buffet establishment that we would eat at once inna while (fairly often over the years but not excessive)

so there I am... In a dilemma of wanting Chinese food but also wanting to see when SEGA announces who won their raffle or whatever it was.. I was hunched over and hurdled through on my cellphone half a dinner plate in the entire time waiting for the announcement just refreshing it on my cellphone like clockwork every few mins or ..however long.. This WAS Phantasy Star!!! practically nothing (not literally) was able to divert my attention on this evening I was literally premeditating being willing to ask the owners of the restaurant if I could use their WI-FI password so I could check the status of the winners on the PSØ forum if need be. That's how NEED-TO-KNOW that exclusive (NOT SOLD IN STORES) Rappy T-shirt was for me, regarding the contest winners. ..I didn't win.

I was crushed and broken on the inside. ....but I still had PSØ.

The next ten years of my life would go onto be some of the most significant while I found myself stepped away. almost inadvertently and unexpectedly as I was an aging buck with aspirations and a desire to chipper up a bit.

I still don't have that Rappy T-shirt but the series has made its way home to me.

Thanks for having me back.

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