Having trouble looking up Fan Art. A.K.A why does Best Girl have none?!

So I've been trying to look up fan art of Ecultya for the past two days right now yet all I can find is her [Apprentice] look on the Phantasy Star wiki of all things. Heck she doesn't even have a page on the wiki besides the [Apprentice] page and barely anything at that. Does she have fan art under her Japanese name(name drop would be appreciated but I feel her jp name...is Ecultya...I think >.>)

I refuse to believe that she has zero pieces of fan art to her name! So what's the deal, even Katori has fan art; heck her brother has fan art!😣 😡

Probably because it's spelled Euclyta. Also because of how small the western fanbase is.

Euclyta deserves so much more love! LUCKY FOR YOU, I actually made some fanart of her here: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/7904/artistdaura-s-pso2-art-npcs

@Asagi-Igawa7171 You should search with ユクリータ instead. She has a lot of art on pixiv!