PC Players Getting Access To Season 1 and 2's Mission Pass

Id like to have season one and season 2 added to the game for pc players seeing as we didn't get the chance to get those rewards. Keep it so we still have to use a mission pass to get the premium row (to keep it fair) and release it as normal. It kinda sucks we had to miss out on all those rewards

what sucks worse is they made a promise to do just that, then deleted the tweet once they couldn't get the OK to do so thru Sega HQ.

As PC only, I'd enjoy something like this. Or; have Mission Pass items made tradable (or obtainable later in the Fresh Finds shop).

@xLolitakux So that IS true then. Ive heard from a few people saying they did that. That's really shady then and kinda makes me wonder if they care as much as they claim. You have proof of the tweet? @ColonD I don't want mission pass items to be tradable because that gives those who have the stuff that pc players couldn't get a reason to overprice (which already is a huge issue). And Fresh finds isn't a fix, its a bandage seeing as its random and costs sg per item. No thanks. Giving it to us as a mission pass is the best and only option imo