SHIP 02 -No Mercy

-No Mercy-

We are a newly formed Alliance that consists of Phantasy star universe Vets as well as PSO2 vets. We are looking for the best of the best to join our Alliance. We play hard and we have fun while doing it. So if you're tired of just being just a number in an Alliance and are looking to join a group of deticated PSO players... join us!

Come make memories with us as we continue to grow in the world of Phantasy star

Requirements to join:

☆ must have atleast one character class at lvl 75/75 ☆Age 17+ ☆Must be an active player of PSO2 ☆ Weekly Alliance Client orders must be done

Leadership/Alliance information ☆Ship 02 ☆Alliance: No Mercy ☆Founder: Freeze ☆Officers: Codebreaker v1 ☆Alliance level :5 ☆Member count: 6 ☆Discord: Yes

Things we can teach/Help you with

☆Augment properly ☆Skill tree ☆weapons/Armor ☆Leveling ☆and more

Activities we do together

☆Boss triggers ☆UQs ☆Ults ☆Weeklies ☆Daily's ☆Challenge Quests ☆And more !

~Codebreaker v1~ 20200705_015520.jpg