How to remove augments/affix's off a weapon?

I have a nemesis item that's filled with 5 augments I want but has 2 level 1's that I do not want on them at all... Is there any way I can get those removed from the item?

as far as i'm aware, there's no way to remove augments whilst preserving others. you'll have to re-augment it, and just pick the ones you want to keep whilst adding new ones you want to replace the ones you don't want. Which will require you to get other weapons with those augments on to use as templates for augmenting.

With that many augments in place though, definitely going to want augment success rate boosters.

Every time you augment an item, you essentially start from a clean slate. Though any augs on your base weap will count towards the aug done on the weap. For example it has an elder soul on it, then you would only need 2 more elder souls on your fodder items, for the elder soul to transfer in the aug process