[Ship 1] Looking For Active, Fun, Voice Chat, Discord usin Alliance

I have 2 characters, I tend to do alot of ULT farming and UQ's theyre my fav thing to do. I of course would love to do more. I have been through a few alliances, havent found the right fit and thats what im looking for to be honest. I got a lvl 75 Hu/Br CAST and a Alt thats Ra/Te shes only lvl 37. I am looking for a home, a place to stay for the remainder of my time here in PSO2. I play other games yes, but this and D2 are my main focus on my game time.

I wanna stay far away from drama, so Highschool BS is not wanted, I am 32 and married and dont have time for that. I am looking for a Alliance that is heavy on Voice Chat and Discord use. So yeah, theres what id like. If you fit the bill please post. I respond better to people who dont have something pretyped out. Talk to me as a person ill respond better.

im with you there I like to voice chat with my teammates in either discord or teamspeak. but i havent found a team so far that voice chats at all. the discords are usually empty and people are just text chatting and posting whack memes.

Come check out Unlimted Loli Works we have a pretty active discord channel.