In the future do not allow 14 stars to be tradeable until 15 stars come out

Hi guys, As a player that used to play on Japanese server I'm not quite sure why 13 star weapons were tradeable in this version of PSO2 from the start. In japan they limited the sale of 13 stars when they came out for a reason. The fact that 13 star weps like nem are tradeable has caused players to just buy the weapon and never ever farm ult ever. I run an alliance and I've had a couple people who bought a nem weapon and had no idea what ultimate was. In addition I noticed that many players quit once they buy their nem weapon as they feel that they no longer have something to go for. This is the reason why almost every single MMO does not allow you to buy the end game items. This is if like for WoW came out and people can run Molten core infinitely and sell the weapons, but multiply daily money gain by x10. Also, there is an EXTREME lack of weapons in this version as for some reason challenge had Revulsio weapons which made people immediately lose interest after the first week or two as they felt that it wasn't worth their time. The 13 star weps other than Revulsios are so ridiculously low that I've never seen anyone get anything other than that in AQs. It's not even interesting weapon selection in AQs to even see as they removed almost every single weapon that AQs had in japanese version like the 11 star rods that did different element damages. It's like "Oh I got a 12 star weapon. It must be sigma". I can go on and on about the item problems and the problem with how rocks were implemented in NA version of Pso.

Also at the rate this is going with the slow content update and the weird adjustments being done. The moment 14 star comes out and its tradeable/sellable. People are going to be able to buy it off the bat with how much money they're going to be sitting on by the time it comes out. The best thing to farm at this point is meseta, that's how you get the best weapon.

I mean because it was a change from JP. It's welcomed, nonetheless. I love grinding as the next guy, but back then it was tilting to get other weapons that you couldn't use nor get rid of without being wasteful, and end up taking storage space. The 13* tradable change is fine.

14* being tradable are limited, and the 14* weapons, like Ep4 boss weapons aren't marketable. We don't really start getting tradable 14* until Ep6 with Ultra Hard difficulty.

I understand OP. Really. The premise is to 'Git Gud', learn the game and EARN your gear. Keep the player shop for consumables and cosmetics only. That would be the perfect game to welcome hardcore players while kicking out casuals and people who are naturally bad at gaming.

But, we don't live anymore in a gaming landscape solely for hardcore git gud players. That happened back in the 90's. Now, the industry accommodates more player types, like the whale, the casual, and those with very little time to farm for stuff. And as such, we see things that are literal sacrilege to the classic elite tryhard gamer.

it's because the game client is up to date to just about when the xbox closed beta happened. so outside of the quests and classes, and features they're slowly easing the playerbase into, all of the changes from the JP server (up until just before that katana gear change a couple months ago) are basically accounted for.