[Ship 1] Looking to merge into an Alliance

Hello, me and a solid group of about 5 people are looking to merge into an alliance. Story was we wanted to make an alliance of our friends but we had a lot of fall out due to people leaving after. Some of us have been playing since X Box and we are now over on PC. So we have a ton of knowledge and all of us have geared up pretty much to where we want to be with our main classes. All of us play daily and farm even when there is nothing new in the game. We value quality over quantity and rather be in a solid group of active players rather than a 99 alliance where no one plays with each other or logs on. Even though all of us play the game seriously and attempt to play as effective as possible I would not call ourselves elitist. We are always up to helping out players, educating and running them through stuff. If anyone is interested, wants additional information or has any information for us please let me know.


bumping this up for visibility

Still Looking? If so check out Synergy, we are looking to merge small guilds like your into ours, we have a almost Maxxed out tree and several hard working active players. Discord is also available

If you are interested Shadow+Cross is more than happy take you guys in. We are on at different times of the day, discord chats are lively but not mandatory, with a lot of veterans. Let me know what you decided and hope that you are able to keep enjoying the game.

Glitched is a small alliance just starting out. your people are welcome to join us. We do AQ and alliance runs daily.