Microsoft/ Sega team, you all should be absolutely embarassed. (PC)

I gave 2 patches for you guys to sort out the Microsoft store and other issues with client patching.

  • The game deletes itself with every major windows update
  • The game redownloads the WHOLE GAME with every content update instead of only updating changed files
  • MS store refuses to auto clean its backup files and gives no clear way to get your space back

Im glad you guys figured out the lag/graphic card bs at least. But holy crap the fact that this playerbase has to recommend the tweaker to do something you clowns should have figured out by now is absolutely pathetic.

I honestly didn't expect you guys to just let this go on longer than a month. This is a severe issue thats probably cost you guys hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of potential long term players. This should be treated with the HIGHEST urgency. I enjoy the game but i legitimately cannot recommend the game to my other friends because the technical issues they'd have to navigate are way too unappealing to deal with and many won't be comfortable downloading a tweaker from which they're not familiar on the history of.

Disclaimer: I've known about the tweaker for years so i know its legit but it still stands that a stranger to it would not feel comfortable with downloading it and the permissions it needs.

Get it together, get off your asses. Do your job. Even if steam is on the way, there's no reason to leave the MS store in the condition its in. You all are SO damn lucky people love this game enough to put up with all of this.

However, love has its limits. Fair warning.

Man count yourself lucky you can at least install the game with the Tweaker and play. Some of us are crashing and can't even play the game at all, and there's been nothing but radio silence on our issues. Members of this forum and the Tweaker community have tried to help and failed to find the problem, even.

I've wasted two weeks of Premium on this crashing so far. They actively owe me money for selling me a service I can't use.

Honestly better to just wait for Steam release or w/e coming August with this whole "more PC platforms coming soon".

...Wait I thought you meant when windows updates it installs everything again, but you meant when the game updates?!

sorry but no :broken_heart: game is fun but I don't want to go through that everytime it updates

This is what happens when people "refer a friend" as per your event.

I hope to heaven above i can get my account xferred to steam. they actually can process updates.

This marks yet another update where this issue hasn't been resolved. Good job guys. Good job.