Game del itself

Do we know when pso2 is coming to steam, The windows store BS is getting old with the game just del itself at random. Game has been out for over a month how is this still a problem

my exe file killed itself again this is the fourth time.

Best solution to this is to delete the entire game from your system (Type in "Phantasy Star" in your search bar, then on the menu that pops up, hit "uninstall"), then reinstall through Tweaker and follow the instructions on how to download it. You may want to Google a video about it.

I've had it delete on me aswell through the Win10 Store, however once I installed it through the Tweaker souly, the game hasn't deleted itself or crashed on me since then.

If you're worried about purchasing AC, don't worry. While you can't buy it through the game anymore, you can still buy it through the Win10 Store, and the money will get transfered to your ingame with no hassle (hopefully).