Game Won't Open (specific issue)

I haven't seen a single other complaint about this issue I've been having ever since the PC launch back in may, sometimes the game will launch completely fine on the first try (when it feels like it) but other times, I can click play over and over again to no avail. The launcher will open fine but from there, the app just seems to die off and disappear (no error messages or anything). I've tried the tweaker, I've tried reinstalling, nothing seems to help. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix?

If you have the tweaker, go into the troubleshooter and under the Files section click new method. This has happened to me, and a PC restart fixed the issue. My GF had the same problem, and after trying all of the troubleshooter fixes, it turns out some files just deleted themselves and the tweaker re downloaded them after the file check.