LUCKIEST 20 Minutes of my life!!!

I managed to get 3x 13 star weapons in only 20 minutes this morning!!! 😁 🤗 😇

pso20200705_091129_000.jpg pso20200705_093103_002.jpg pso20200705_095615_004.jpg pso20200705_095837_006.jpg Bank was made!!!


I'm still speechless XD

When the multi rares drop



same haul took 3/4 days of farming a few hours each

plus my second neme sword, and the bow last night.

good times

Did you have a 400 percent going?

@RainGnyu I had 250% + Alliance tree level 3

Had the same happen to me, 2 13* in 2 minutes after 4 hours of grinding

Wow, those are sweet finds. Congrats!

Dont be a stranger!

Started up in the morning again, 40 minutes in... pso20200706_121214_002.jpg

That's pretty awesome.

Hours and hours yesterday...all i got was EIGHT deo's, even while using rd250's.

Sucks. PS- what drops in the lilipa EQ? Slave only? Forest is too much of a heartbreaker, i may do those crazy robots tonight