Increasing the size of group chats

Since this event, my group chat's gone from a small group of about 30 people, to maxing out before the event's even finished, and even if some do leave, we'll still be retaining the majority of folks that are a part of it. The issue rises when you get more people wanting to join, and then you're having to turn them down due to the size constraints. I understand from what people have told me, that JP didn't really make use of this feature, but it's definitely seeing interest and use here on NA. I'd like to request that the size of group chats be increased to at least 200. I know we have alliances, but sometimes people have obligations to the one they're currently in, and being able to chat with everyone in the group, even when you're running things with other people, or not in the same block, is a great thing to have. Thanks for the consideration, and I hope this gets to the development team in some way.

This is a problem with pretty much all mmos that are localized from a JP speaking community to an NA one. Japanese language can say a whole lot more with much fewer characters than we can. I see examples of the problem in so many localizations over and over and I don't remember any where the character limit was eventually raised. Wouldn't mind seeing it though.