Are alliances even active?

When I first started there was a lot of active alliances but as of right now I find my self soloing more and more lately. I don't mind soloing here and there but it does make me think "why do I play when no one is on" or like 50+ people on when I first started and maybe 0 to 2 people on. This game is fun with more people but now I feel like I might just stop playing after just a month and a half.

Did you know that the director / producer of Final Fantasy XIV told people to not play Final Fantasy XIV if they weren't enjoying it anymore? (He said this on camera, live.)

If you aren't enjoying Phantasy Star Online 2 anymore, you should stop playing it. There's no reason to play a game if you aren't enjoying it.

Burn out happens to everyone. Take a break, and come back when your ready, or wait until more content releases. That's my advice to you. Worked wonders for me, in all the years I've had gaming. I've even gone back and played games from 2009 that were single player, that I bought years ago. Revisiting old games, actually help with burn out, because it kind of resets you. I cycle through my games every week, as to prevent burn out in this game in particular, as there are a lot of events happining back to back.

I'm not burned out on the game just sick of inactive alliances and this is making me solo too much.

My alliance is still active. I did take a break, but once hearing about the content map, I was down to grind.


I had the same problem. I just found another alliance, that is active. If you’re interested I joined synergy, and they have 15+ people active on a regular basis, done numerous 12 party trigger runs etc

It is expected to happen in MMOs and Online games with weak single player incentive to play, for once the game-only social connections vanish, a player will be left with hardly any incentive to continue. Those without creative and/or immersive reasons to play beyond digital goods or numeric goals, will often burn out even faster.

Alliances and random active recruitment partying can only go so far, if the player cannot establish a strong connection with another to enjoy the gaming experience with. Those who create an alliance are also vulnerable to this of course. Should the leader and/or officers burn out for any reason, it'll crumble within on activity.

That's pretty much the main reason why I have yet to join an alliance. I want a leader who is truly passionate in playing the game in more ways than one. For now though, I'm enjoy what I do even if I'm playing single player fashion in PSO2. But should it all become boring for me, or my closest friend that I enjoy playing with as a duo, it'll get shelved for the time being.

Of course trying to make new connections is a goal, but that takes more luck and opportunity than most people realize. Treasure your experiences when they're good.

The rally event was a really good way to keep alliances active, right now we lost that though so leaders are going to have to really schedule to do things together with their members,me included, my schedule is just not organized right now and im having a hard time choosing a time where i can be on for sure at a time when the others are also available, i randomly get needed to run errands and it's been messing with me being organized sadly. If i can find a way to fix that i could easily keep the alliance pretty active. As of now we mainly only occasionally do runs during EQs and sometimes shove an AQ in there or two.

I gotta admit though this game has so much i can do so maybe i can lay off some of that and instead focus on doing things with others but again i cant really schedule a proper time without me having to suddenly yeet in the middle of a run.

I think down the line there will be content that will interest solo players.

Just gotta find na well led alliance with active leaders/officers. What ship are you on? If you are on ship 1 you are more than welcome to join the alliance I'm in.

@animeregion lots of the xbox crowd has nothing left to grind atm. they are waiting on more content which will be out in aug. I think you will see a lot more activity then.

Alliances are active if you make them active.

IF you are in an inactive one, get out of it and start your own and look for active players.

Some people are taking breaks since there's so little to do honestly other than level all classes and not everyone wants to do that.

Alliances are a tricky find. The good ones get overshadowed by ones that tell lies to get people in, or ones that have like 20 people running through different blocks sending invites to anyone without a team.

So it creates a situation kind of like minesweeper. You'll hit a few, or a lot of mines. But keep playing and eventually you'll win and find one that works for you. It just takes patience, and some luck to find those right ones. ^^

When I first started pso2JP a long time ago, I think I been through about 3 or 4 of them before I found a good one to stay in a while.

I can't speak on numbers as it just depends on how the leader and managers run their team and who they recruit. Some good ones have as little as like 15 people. And yet there are those that manage 80+ people nicely.


There's a content cap till August when people will come back. One of the greatest things of pso though is it does really require constant play.


I see, guess I can't get up to where I need to be until August then. Sucks being a PC user, having to deal with a late start.