New Classes/Class Balance changes equal All Skill Reset passes?

I'm just curious if we're gonna get all skill reset passes with the release of Hero in Episode 5, or perhaps earlier if there's any class balance to come in Episode 4?

I botched a LOT of my skill trees early on and can't spend $15 to correct all three atm since I wanna drop dosh on more pragmatic things like maybe new Mags or even Premium.

Just curious as to what usually constitutes a reason for Sega to distribute All Skill Reset passes.

With Episode 4, we are getting new Skills added to go along with the level cap increase (and probably one due to Crafting being implemented), and new Skills usually means a Skill Reset Pass.

Other than that, we are only one non-Scion class balance away from being on par with JPN, so we'll see when that one is implemented as part of it is just related to lv85 Skills, while the other part fundamentally changes how Katana works.