Broken market place

@John-Paul-RAGE that statistics would make sense if PSO2 was a wildly popular game, but it isn't. It's a small community. On top of that not many people are actually grinding and doing quest except newcomers or people creating new characters. When you know the marketplace isn't a decent place to sell your weapons you won't waste your time grinding for it.

I do market flip genius,but what u gonna do when a person market flip your flip,then sell it for cheap,then the next one then the one

Alright,this dude litterally joined the forums an hour ago for the sole purpose of making this post LMFAO

@Outcast678 This is called being outplayed. Play the game better?

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 I only found the nemsis talis priced that low with the partizan approaching that low too. Thus I assumed you had a talis.

Sobi joined an our ago,and your a guy with no life who trolls this crap,with the sole purpose of devaluing everythong and attackong people like me trying to share my opinion..

@John-Paul-RAGE Oh please I don't need to hear your input about how I'm going about selling. I quit selling weapons and started investing in other areas. That's the sad part, I'm making more off of miscellaneous items than I do with weapons. I can sell 12 12* weapons right now and make roughly 200k but if I sell 12 recycle badges I can easily make 1.8 million off that alone. That's the issue.

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 there are lots of people running Ultimates. It is the most ran quest, which is why there are so many Nemesis weapons on the market.

If no one ran them, there would literally be no Nemesis weapons and they would be extremely expensive.

That is because 12* weapons are garbage and only used for fodder.

@Outcast678 Excuse me? The guy who started his very first statement with an insult,who has then spent every single replies of his insulting others,is telling ME that i am attacking him? GTFO kid.

You haven't outplayed anything your just mad,cause iake sense and your worried skills???? Bro its call ig or facebook u in the wrong place....

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 You can sell that shit????????????????????????????????

I make sense sorry,fast typing on this is tuff

@Outcast678 Can you even fucking read? I was referring about your comment about being undercut,holy shit please at least make a little effort to simulate having brain cells.

Aight I'm beyond done with this fucking clown. For real this is beyond ridiculous. This is why you should never let your 10 year old get on forums.

@TsundereMuse please don't make assumptions. I'm talking in generality. Of course though due to popularity of classes you won't also undercut those like the Nemesis shooter, hence why I say there's also biase.