Broken market place

Im not here to be your friend,im here to discuss real issues with the game

@Outcast678 No you are not. You are not discussing anything. You are whining and insulting people for not sharing the same volume of tears.

@Outcast678 Well first off,you are starting a discussion by insulting people right off the bat without any kind of reasons. Then when someone is disagreeing with you,you are insulting them even more. You are in a public space insulting people. Expect the backlash 'moron'.

Honestly being this upset over 13*s getting cheaper when a Nox weapon is enough to participate (not excel obviously) in all content is already kind of funny.

Ok sensitive people,forgive my insults,im not here to be rude i just dont agree with u,point blank period...u guys wanna take things with value and devalue it....

@Outcast678 Holy shit,if you think that I need toxic people like you in my close circle,you are sorely mistaken. People who aren't able to have any kind of valid arguments without insulting people left and right aren't exactly the kind of people that I tend to value. Go back and rework on your social skills kiddo. Also you aren't discussing anything. You are whining,insulting and dismissing everything that people say by insulting their intelligence when you,yourself cannot write a single sentence without butchering the English language and insulting people.

@Outcast678 Oh no,its far too late for that kid. You started shit,you can't just get away from it lmfao.

@Morgothryuzaki now you're just making excuses to undercut. I can tell you the JP servers didn't have this problem. Probably because they're not as lazy as NA servers are. If you legitimately want a weapon you are willing to grind for it. But once you implant the undercut system and people start expecting you to undercut, you no longer have selling power because they can just wait until somebody who knows very little about the marketplace to sell it for cheaper. Now congrats you have to bend at the whims of the consumers and sell at a low price. That isn't smart

Listen,nobody wants to be on your circle,but obviously u looking for friends if your worried about my so ial skills then the topic at hand

And u can backlash,all day,imma tell u and all ya but hurt friends stop trolling,grind and get good

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 if they did not have this problem it was because their weapons stayed relevant for more than 4 weeks at a time.

If you are trying to make money and aren't market flipping, you are doing it wrong.

@TsundereMuse Who said anything about a Talis? I said the Nemesis set.

Stop destroying the frickin market place....I remember iuse to make thousand with a million here ir there,thx to u..genius

@Outcast678 Oh,I can assure you that my circle of friends is more than alive,thank you though. I am not sure what that last statement even means. I don't buy shit off the marketboard,I grind for it. It also has nothing to do with 'getting gud'. Holy shit you are so toxic.

@Outcast678 Oh hey,I got an idea. I'm going to go grab a Nemesis weapon and sell it for 100k! Just to make you happy,kid.

Its a fucking game,calm the fuck down.