Broken market place

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 Well you see,people want shit to sell. What good is it going to do to you to keep this at 20 mils if it nevers sells because no one wants to invest in it?

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 The reason the Talis is set so low is because it is not a popular weapon due to the increased difficulty of playing with it as opposed to rods and wands.

I will film,and when i do,ill watch dumbass like u sell precious material in the world literally for 2 u played yourself good job

I know why its set so low guy,the point is its a nemesis, not a ordinary drop,if u can tell the difference

Regardless noobs shouldn't be a le to just buy it off of 1 weekly,get out of my face with that!

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 it definitely is as common as I say.

I did not say it as a common as a 10* from Magatsu, that was your interpretation.

Let us say 2 LF drops a week occur. For those 2 LF drops, there are hundreds of Nemesis drops.

Why? Because people are running for Nemesis, no one is running for LF, they get that by coincidence. People can't undercut if they don't have the item.

@Outcast678 Why not, the market will eventually be saturated with them and it doesn't even hurt you. In fact, better geared players makes future runs with them even faster/easier so people having easy access to gear sounds great to me.

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@Outcast678 How have I played myself? This had absolutely NOTHING to do with what I said. I was talking about your lack of social skills. Also please,stop acting like this is even a big deal. Its a free to play game,and its not even real money. You are insulting people over a fucking digital profit that you'll never get to use in real life. I wonder who is the one lacking intelligence between us now.

Its either u grind or buy.....point blank frickin period!!!!!

@Morgothryuzaki it's a video game that is centered on Grinding and fashion. Once you take out the incentive to grind what is left of PSO2 except fashion? What's the point of Ultimate mode if the 13 stars I pull from there is only worth as the same price as a revelsio. What reasons do I have to grind? Im not going to sit in the lobby and troll all day like you guys because I actually like to play my game. If I want to troll I would go out in the real world and do that.

@Outcast678 Actually,if someone has the money to buy something,then its not up to YOU to decide. You,as the seller are there to make money. Not to dictate who can and cannot buy your product. Also you are extremely toxic,this thread has been flagged,just saying.

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@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 You could, I don't know, grind for gear you need/want and continue the endless grind for perfect affixes? There's always something to grind for in this game.

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 'incentive to grind'. What incentive? You mean the extremely easy content we have and fro which base 13* are good enough to murder?

Also what has any of this to do with the topic at hand? Nothing to do with trolling or 'playing your game'. Do you even have valid arguments?