Broken market place

@Outcast678 Actually,its basic buisness tactics to sell at a price that people will buy things at.

The more something costs,the less people are going to be able to afford it and the more they are going to think about it. You really think that i'm going to be wasting 15 mils on a weapon that will be outclassed in the next game update we are going to have? No. I am going to either farm it myself or get it at a better price. This is called demand. Not everyone is going to whale out just to make you happy.

Also,you really need to tone down the insults. I don't think you realize it,but you really aren't helping yourself.

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 Nemesis is infinitely more common than Lightning Flash because the it comes from the content everyone is running and does not involve an extremely rare drop from an extremely rare enemy.

Ultimates also do not require currency to run and have many rewards. SHAQ requires a currency and has no value for grinding.

Thanks bro you just inspired me to stop undercutting.

Im just gonna start giving away rare weapons to cool people. Good idea ty bye bye

You just sound like a 14 years old kid that cannot sell things at the price they want and instead of understanding how this game's economy work,you want to go on a fucking uneducated rant with the worst possible spelling in these forums and while insulting anyone who disagrees with you. Go back to playing with little toys,please.

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 I actually didn't reply to you honestly, I was referring to OP constantly saying fool.

And to answer you, it's easy. This is a free market, thus items are listed at the value the seller desires to sell it for. Just like how items priced too high won't sell. It's literally just that. Also like someone else stated, a lot of current gear becomes obsolete in future content, so even spending tens of millions now is just for bragging rights and is quite foolish in my opinion.

@Morgothryuzaki im glad you're not in stock otherwise you would tank our economy

@I-l-B-L-I-S3416 Please,its a video game. Clearly I am talking about this goddamn video game marketboard. jesus christ.

This post is deleted!

@Outcast678 Holy shit,seriously you need to learn manners.

Forgive me i have a low tolerance for idiots

@Morgothryuzaki Also grammar, punctuation, and syntax I think. It's a fun adventure decoding what he says.

Its called typing fast on cellphone my guy,and if your only argument is picking on my grammer...u have no argument..

@Outcast678 Its funny,i got the same intolerance. Especially for those who feel super entitled to spam insults while under the safety of a screen. Go and try that in the real world for 5 seconds and please film yourself so I can get a nice laugh.

@John-Paul-RAGE Nemesis isn't as common as you say. You act like it's a 10 star drop from Magastu. It's a 13 star weapons with good potentials and good damage. Maxed out at 35 it's a beast but yet it's placed at 500k. Meanwhile the LF set only has a fraction of the damage of a Nemesis and at it's strongest might only be 1350 base? But it's worth millions.

@Morgothryuzaki Oh no. I have a ton of arguments. Also you want to know something else that is pretty funny? I am typing on my phone at the moment and I am not litterally writing in some alien language like you are doing. There is solid difference between grammatical mistakes and just flat out ignorance of the grammatical rules..