Broken market place

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But, once that ticket is removed, it gets put into the permanent pool. The permanent pool will of course grow larger over time with a lower chance to get a specific item, but the possibility will always be there.

I've seen other games in the distant past (10 years ago) do something like this on a limited basis, with their renewal sets comprising the previous 1-2 years' content and having a reduced chance to get consumable junk. It was never worth it because most of the limited content was also junk to most people (e.g. being for the wrong characters). But that game had virtually no economy and definitely no centralised player shops.

I think it could work on Online 2, perhaps also with a monthly reset on the accumulation bonuses so 30 /60/120 scratches still provided a prize of choice. Because anyone who spends $55 for that arguably deserves it. It would likely still have to exclude the collaboration content though as I expect most if not all of those are only licensed for distribution for a specified period of time.

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