Broken market place

Alright,I already know dumb people will disagree with this....but! Certain weps and armor needs to be capped in the market place,specifically 11 star to 15 star,It is insanely have undercuters,that are so dumb,if u let them they"ll take a 15m wep and sell it in the market for 200k.Now,the problem with this stretches wide,Now i have a guild.. some of them dont feel the need to grind any more because of market ,I mean y grind to look for weapon's that been butchered by a slow player looking to make a quick buck?why grind when they can troll the fricken lobby and some creampuff will undercut there favorite weapon and just buy it for cheap?why? I am i seeing people that just got into the game talking about i bought a lighting espada and i just got am i gonna make profit when people are devaluing weps and armor in the market.make that make sense...i just saw someone post a nemesis talis for 600k!!!!this wep just came out,idc how much people dont like it,it shouldnt be a fricken thing! How would u like if a car made of iron or metal from back in the day ,tomorrow fall in the 50 to 60k mark? I don't care how much u love free market u would be pissed a shyt,11s to 15 s items need sells cap.this will force players to play and grind more,troll less and actually buy and sell weps that actually has worth! This is what happens when u make the market too available. Look if u cant afford to buy a wep,either grind or cough up the dough.....there should be no in between.I found myself saying why should i play the game? I cant make the meseta ,market is butchered,nobody wants to grind cause its not worth it,as player what are u suppose to do?pso,i luv u guys ,but from the market place to balance issues ,between certain characters ,stats the guys need a little more guys got challenge mode,i play it here and there i luv it.again whats the point of playing that? Revolsio?? U mean the original couple of mill wep that got killed by special players? Now there in the market 5 -600 k.Do something!!! people are not caring about the grinding version of the game!!!! Market place suks!!! And for goodness sake,get some better weps and wep skins man...what happen to the zamba, what happened to tsimikiri j sword,forgive me if i butchered the spelling lol.This game has so much potential people.....Step it up!!!! P.s if i cant trade 13s weps,whats the point of u charging me 15 dollars???? Either let me trade or lower the price!!!!! Thats stupid and redicilous,common sense goes a long way people.

Our server is still pretty new, so honestly the extremely high prices seems dumber than low prices. Besides it's their gear, they can do whatever they want. That's how free markets work. If you want to complain, buy out cheap stuff and repost it higher to inflate the market until you find yourself sitting on millions of unsold items lol

The marketboard isn't even broken. Economy will always work the same way in everything. Offer and Demand. The less demand there is,the less offers there will be. This the prices will increase. And like this person above me has said,its all new over here. And people all want to make a quick buck,and frankly this is how buisness work. If you want something to sell fast,you make sure to price it appropriately. This is called aggressive buisness. Also just because something doesn't drop too often,doesn't mean its valuable. Its called popularity,if something isn't popular,it isn't going to sell well. So you need to adjust.

Also,starting your post by calling out people who disagree with you dumb,isn't exactly doing you any favors. Especially when you follow up with one of the most poorly written wall of text I have seen on these forums yet.....

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This post is deleted!

Hm yes, attempting to prove an argument with constant insults instead of calm proof or reasonable convincing points.

@Outcast678 firstly, is this a rant or a suggestion?

Secondly, the undercutting do that because the current gear is going to be outdated very soon. So if you are trying to make your living by peddling inferior wares, your lack or creative thinking is the problem, not the market.

Thirdly, don't insult people just because they do not agree with you. That is just silly and immature.

@Outcast678 Are you able to formulate a sentence without insulting the person you are talking to? Also before insulting anyone's intelligence,maybe you want to start by re evaluating your own brain cells.

And please for the love of all that is good and holy in this world,learn the language you are using,especially if you are going to be insulting people's intelligence. Please.

As for your 'argument',if we can call it that...

You do not get to dictate how things work. You may not agree with them,that's within your rights,of course. However the general player population is going to be the one dictating it all. The people who BUY are the ones making the rules,not the ones who are selling. Clearly you have no notions of how buisness works,maybe you shouldn't talk about stuff you have no knowledge about.

@TsundereMuse you do realize that people will still undercut regardless I guess because you might be one of those people who undercut the marketplace you would say something like this. There should be a set limit on how low you want to go because all this does is screw those trying to sell their items. The Nemesis set just came out recently and is already priced at 500k meanwhile Lightning Flash Set that has been out still is valued at over 10 million and more. You sound pretty biased.

This guy lol


@TsundereMuse You just gave me nightmares. THANKS.

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@TsundereMuse have you made any real rebuttal to what I just said. Again how can a Nemesis set be under 500k while the Lightning Flash set is valued at millions? Unless you have no real legitimate argument.

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