Ability to Equip Multiple Weapon Camos

On my Fighter, I like to use Knuckles and Double Saber, but I use different camos for both. It would be awesome if I could equip both at the same time instead of having to switch them out every time I want to use the respected weapon.

That would be great. I hate how its limited to that singleone.

Agreed. It doesn't make sense to me. We should just be able to assign the camo to the weapon on the weapon palette.

The only way you can currently do that is by setting the weapon's base appearance as a weapon camo on the weapon upgrader guy, but it costs a bit. I think it costs 1 mil meseta to change my nemesis calibur. Idk if rarity affects the price.

@OmegaNeo8603 Weapon Transmutation is a flat 1 million meseta cost, regardless of rarity. The biggest issue, though, is that the only way to get the Transmutation passes right now is through Star Gems, so unless you have saved up a bunch, you have to pay real money (20USD worth of Star Gems) to change the appearance of a weapon that you may replace in a few weeks' time.

Yeah that sucks. I forgot about the SG cost.

@OmegaNeo8603 Yeah, that's why personally, unless I really want a non-camo Weapon appearance, I tend to avoid Transmutation and just have chat shortcuts (facilitated with JoyToKey) set up to switch my weapon and camo at the same time (and ring when appropriate).