Add "Meseta Seller" to Report Function

I've started to see Meseta Sellers popping up in the game in the Gate area, so far I have been reporting them as "Other" but I think there should now be a dedicated report function for it.

Might want to consider adding a quest or a level restriction for area chat too maybe.

I've been doing Cheating and Meseta Seller in the desc field.

o/ =^.^=

Guess as this isn't a problem on JP they didn't anticipate it to NA. Happens to every MMO here no matter how much of a paywall you put up.

I've just been going Other -> RMT but I'll agree that adding an RMT/Meseta seller category to the dropdown would help the GM team expedite hunting them down.

Second this cuz it gets boring yelling "Begone, Bot" before you start seeing it switch to another location