I would like to propose that a modification to the storage search system that would allow you to search for or exclude multiple terms. At the moment as far as I know you can really only search for one "term." For example, searching for "Apprentice Soul" will pull up only this soul type and searching for "Soul" will pull up any soul type.

If you were to put the words "Soul" and "Mastery" the game will not return any results.

I would like to see the addition of operators so that searches may be tailored better.

!Soul, !Might 3, |Idihta, !Modul, #Impact

The search entry above would ideally return results of items that do not have a soul or contain an Idihta soul, but must contain the impact augment and not contain Might 3.

I am suggesting the following operators ideas, but more might be necessary for additional features or better suited operator.

# : And 
! : Not 
| : Or (may have higher priority than And or Not for vague search like Soul)

< : Less than rarity
> : greater than rarity
= : equal rarity

lock : is locked
unlocked : not locked.

This can also be implemented using an advanced search pop-up.