Couple Technique questions.

So I've gotten myself some what I assume is fairly usable gear, and I think I'm around endgame. Some of the techs I just don't fully get tho, I realize we can't craft them yet, and I can see the number differences according to the arks visiphone wiki but I wanted to confirm a few things regarding the NA version for a few of the elements.

  1. Does IlGrants replace Grants?: So checking Visiphone wiki it say it hits 5 times for 20% of it's power, and Ilgrants hits for 12% of its power for 10 hits for a massive 120 on a full hit with a chance to proc status every hit. So is there any real use for grants to be on my bar anymore until maybe we get crafting?

  2. Megids: The wiki isn't quite clear here, both GiMegid and SaMegid seem to do around the same from testing in game, is the variety between these two literally the style of attack? (Frankly both seem to be suck and miss a lot.) Also what's the point of Ilmegid and why is it so pricy? I got the level 15 version but it doesn't seem very effective, is it just reliable AoE? Seems like just spamming thunder would be infinitely better even without the elemental weakness.

  3. Zan: Is there really much of a difference between SaZan and RaZan other than the knock up? Wiki isn't clear here either. Also which Zan is best to open Luthor clock? (assuming that is a Force's job?)

  4. Foie: Everyone says how good and reliable RaFoie is compared to Foie, but for some reason I'm just not hitting the same comparable numbers? What am I missing?


Ilgrants does not replace Grants, they serve different purposes. Grants is used during movement heavy boss fights as it is capable of "hitscanning" weak spots. Ilgrants gets much more usage against larger enemies, especially those with easy to hit weakspots like the head or an exposed core.

Gimegid serves a similar purpose to Grants but for Dark weak enemies although it lacks the "hitscan" accuracy that Grants does. Samegid is just underwhelming in general as you cannot "shotgun" it.

The difference between Sazan and Razan is that Sazan has a mini-suction effect, similar to Zondeel but much weaker. I'm not actually sure if there's any difference between the 2 otherwise. As for opening Luther clock, I normally just spam Sazan although I'm not sure this is better than "shotgunning" Zan.

Rafoie's potency is much lower than Foie's and by a sizable amount at that. The only reason, in my opinion, to use Rafoie over Foie is if there's a group of enemies grouped up tightly (after a zondeel for example).

@NotZyreth I see, thank you for the information.

Regarding Foie though were Zondeel used to mob up everything, does Foie's cone not hit all the targets? It seemed like it had fairly good AoE usage, is there a target limit? or does it only blast the targets in front?

Foie can definitely hit multiple targets if you employ a technique known as "skimming" which allows Foie to tag a hitbox of an enemy without being consumed. I personally think it's just easier to use something like Gifoie in those scenarios though, mostly because I'm not good at skimming 😔

Rafoie vs Foie I believe they have similar DPS: Rafoie charges twice as fast but hits a lot weaker. Personally I prefer Foie and Gifoie, though Fire in general doesn't get a lot of play from me.

With Megid, I believe both Gimegid and Samegid have similar DPS on single target. Gimegid is great if the enemy isn't moving, and Samegid only works well at mid-to-long range otherwise half the projectiles miss. From what I heard Ilmegid used to be so powerful on the JP version that it was nerfed hard, and now pretty much sucks. Personally I prefer standard Megid for mobbing, it may travel slow but has a good AOE area and hits hard. If the boss is stationary I'll use Gimegid, otherwise I'll use Megid as it's easier to hit with; even the tiniest movement can cause the last 2 hits of Gimegid to miss so Megid just seems safer. I could maybe add Samegid to my bar and try that, but have never been bothered to get the hang of the 3 projectiles.