Game not launching.

Open the xbox app, click play the game, nothing happens. Why does this keep happening to this game?

In 2 words; Microsoft Store.

Unfortunately it's going to keep happening until PSO2 gets released on another platform. It's well known the store app is garbage for games in general (Others games have issues as well) and will probably never get fixed. Until then, any time your PC reboots, there is a good chance the app portion of things will mess with the launcher file and force a reinstall.

microsoft support: Please uninstall the game, and try to re-install the game to see if this will fix the issue

are you kidding me? a 70g+ game only to have it break again in less than a week.

Try and make sure that you are signed to aLL Xbox Services. This also includes the account that you created when you first installed PSO2.

Same thing just happened to me as well. Everything has been fine, and I was just playing a few hours ago. Didn't even restart computer.

Going to try repair before I download 70+ GB again

It's time for the Big Guns. I hope that they divert a large section of the company towards fixing this as fast as possible. I'm trying to find a fix currently for the app not launching as well.

MSVCP140.dll is what keeps disappearing on me.

If that file is being deleted, I would check your Windows Defender and any other Anti-Virus programs that you may have running. In this case MSVCP140.dll is related to your Microsoft Visual studio Windows Files., You may want to install an Updated Version of Visual Studio if it's available. Also ,The KB4535996 cumulative update for Windows 10 is also causing a Host of problems, If you so happen to have it, Please , Uninstall it.

Click here to read more on MSKB4535996