Random people unselectable between group of people

I've noticed something and started to get a few of my alliance members to check. There are people in the game that just aren't selectable. What I mean is that they have no name displayed, but when you go into nearby characters you can try to select the but you get 'you can't select this character'.

As much as I would like to think these characters have blocked me in some regard, I find it hard to believe they can block an Alliance from viewing them. And most of our players are newbies. Anyone else find that strange?

Fyi: I wanted to look at this character's breakdown of items cuz I thought they looked cool.


It’s a glitch, the same thing happened to me within my own alliance. They couldn’t see my name or select me or anything. I had to restart the game to fix it.

This happens when the person is no longer in the block, area change, or the person is set to private.

How does a person change to something other than private?