[Ship 2] Phantom Troupe - Recruiting new members (casual/semi-casual, community focused) [ALL TIMEZONES]

Alliance: Phantom Troupe

Leader: Snoopy

Manager(s): Ein, Marble, GenIUs

Casual-Semi Casual

All time zones are welcome. We have members from different timezones so people will be online most of the time.

Alliance requirements: Be active. Be respectful to your fellow alliance members. Communicate any issues to your officers directly via dm. We encourage discord although it is not a must.

Alliance description: We are a PSO2 community where we encourage no drama for an enjoyable atmosphere for our members. We want you to play the game you enjoy at your own pace and to have a place you can call home on this. We have a discord where you can weeb out and lol. Overall we are a chill group that loves anime, games, and having a good time. Join the troupe if this is what you yearn for.

If you're interested you can reach me in discord


Alternatively you can Apply to the Alliance via Visiphone and I will reach out to you 🙂