Max level characters in lower difficulties

Can someone explain to me why max level or level 70+ characters are going to UQs on normal and hard difficulties?

Besides the player feeling like it, there a few reasons why they might.

Daily CO for doing UQ and the player may have multiple characters they want to rush it with. In the same vein there are weeklies sometimes for this too.

For 2 Part UQs like Falz stuff clearing it on normal will make them eligible to do the 2nd part on whatever difficulty they wish.

@Vashzaron hmmm I see, though when people do that it takes the fun out of the uq and keeps newbies from learning the fights n such cause it dies in seconds. Last few folks ive asked when seeing them do it say they do it because theyre bored n have nothing better to do. (I also just don't like being carried)

Considering most MMO players actually don't want a level syncing system like let's say, FFXIV or Guild Wars 2 has... (I couldn't care less either way, including no level sync) you're just going to have to get a static group of people who runs it at the level range it was designed for.

You could always suggest a level syncing system for Urgent Quests. But then you might see less people at level cap willing to do anything but extremely hard (due to boss HP being less than super hard.) Unless they give extra rewards, like FFXIV.

@XenoBladeX37645 As an alternative, you could create a group named appropriately and kick anyone too high level (how about an implementation of a system that restricts joining players by level now that I think about it) or you could use the "join party in current/multiple block/s" and search for a party that's populated with players in your desired level range.

@coldreactive Level syncing could be a good idea but as you say there could be cons to that as well. @Stretcharach I think you may misunderstand (due to me not being clear so my apologies) but these people aren't in my group theyre in other groups.