Launch / User ID not found experiment

so today i ran into a new issue and tried something different. after running the launcher and hitting start game i noticed the client took longer to load than normal. when i arrived at the opening screen. my user ID was not found and i couldnt play. i exited out completely and reloaded the launcher but instead used the 'check file' button. it took about 40 minutes and it seems to be scanning the game files. once finished it replaced 6 of the files and i logged in. my user id was there and i was able to play. this issue happened out of nowhere. no windows updates, nothing. it just completely failed to load my user id.

I'm dealing with this problem right now myself. Trying the "Check file" thing now

Yeah, nope. And black screen that just stays black when I try to "Change Accounts" or anything to get to a log in. Already done 1 uninstall/reinstall, so any further possibilities?

Go into the Xbox app (yep, on PC...), logout and log back in again. After this when you start the game it should log you in.

No idea why this works, but I read it somewhere a few weeks ago. The whole Microsoft store integration is something that really needs a lot of work. If any Xbox app or Windows, updates, my game gets nuked or the issue you've described happens.

it happened again today...which is fine because it gave me a reason to finally delete all those duplicate downloads in the backup folder which amounted up to about 260Gb. now it is redownloading the game but this will most likely be the last time i bother trying to play anymore. perhaps by august when episode 4 hits we will see a better distribution method than this grossly incompetent deal with the microsoft store.