[Ship 02] "Send Lewds" Is recruiting :D

"Send Lewds" is a growing community of veteran MMO and JRPG gamers. We're looking to find some friends that can share in our love for all things gaming. We have an active discord where you can find someone on most times of the day. We have those L33T strats to get you where you want to be. We're an alliance of mostly adult children 😄

If your interested in joining this ragtag team of tryhards contact us at the following places,


  • Keyj
  • Arithana
  • spawncrazymonky
  • Lolitaku


  • Arithana#0128
  • Lolitaku#2723
  • spawncrazymonkey#8523

waves Message anytime, we're around! Discord most evenings and daytimes. Silliness on Fridays. 😄 And other than that we all play tons of different games and are always up to play together.