[Ship 2] [Calming] [International] [Semi-Casual / Chill]

A little update since I haven't updated this thread in a while due to being busy with other stuff and waiting for ep6 content.

Hey, I was looking to join an active alliance. Send me a discord link if you're still recruiting.

Welcome to the crew, good to have you!

We're currently 89/100 now.

Bump 98/100.

Just an FYI. Nobody ever got back to me and I ended up joining another alliance. Figured I'd let you guys know so that the next time you need to recruit, you may try to check this board a little more often. Sounds like you've got plenty of members anyway, so I'm sure it's not an issue.

Best of luck to you guys and Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been checking every day since it's been updated/bumped. Discords are listed if someone wants a more immediate response, and I never got a message there. No worries though, hope you found a nice place and happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Currently full, will bump/update if we have a purge of inactives or something. People who're interested can still feel free to message and we'll see if we can accommodate space.