[Ship 2] [Calming] [International] [Semi-Casual / Chill]


Leader: Kaelo#8279

Officer(s): Gpof#1551

Type: Semi-Casual, Chill

Active Timezone(s): EST (GMT-5)

Alliance Requirements: Other than discord we don't expect much from you, we prefer if people played at their own pace, rather than worry about feeling the need to rush to max level and catch up with the rest of the members. Furthermore, we'd be more than happy to help others in progressing, so do not be afraid to ask.

Alliance Description: We aim to host a casual, chill environment for like-minded individuals to enjoy all levels of gameplay! Our main active hours are 6-11pm EST and our home block is 25. Most of us are currently maxed on all classes and fully geared, but spend a ton of time preparing for future updates instead of sleeping at sane hours.

  • Alliance lvl 5 (tree lv8 Atk/8 Def/8 Exp/8 Meseta/8 Rare drop rate.)

  • Active daily, both in-game and on discord

  • Daily order, advanced, ultimate, time attack, and urgency quest runs (discord role pings available!)

  • Other activities outside of PSO2 depending on whether we feel like doing something else or not.

  • Daily 20+ Players online always willing to join in for whatever you might need.

  • No JP Snowflakes. Don't really want to see entitled people in our Alliance.

We're searching for players both new and old that want a fun, laid-back environment to play in. Currently at 82 members, we want to grow our community and have fun with new faces. If this alliance does not suit you be sure to check out our Allied Alliances, that we share the block and discord with Legacy, Ragnarok and Port Mafia.

Feel free to DM either Kaelo or Gpof if you have any questions!


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Updated. Changed back to old name because people preferred that instead.

Updated. got some new members in the Alliance.

Updated. still looking for more people.

Interested in joining, I've added you on Discord.


Updated. Happy to see our alliance slowly growing, still got plenty of spots free.



Bumping, Alliance is growing quite fast. o/