Not getting class excube past lvl 75

Ok so I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm just missing something, but here's my issue.

I was doing XH VR training as a lvl 74 techter, and a Tagamikazuchi spawned. When he was killed everyone got a ton of exp and I was happy I finally got to 75, but this is where things started getting weird.

After the quest was over, I went to the class counter to change my class, but noticed that my techter had 40m accumulated exp, which meant that I should've lvled 1x past 75, yet I did not receive my class excube, no matter where I checked (my inventory, all my storages etc.) pso20200703_141838_000.jpg

I'm certain of this because on all my other 75 classes, I had made sure to lvl all of them 1x past 75 to get their class excube, and all of them have 39m+ accumulated exp. As an example here's my hunter's accumulated exp and proof that the excube quest was done. pso20200703_142225_001.jpg pso20200703_142305_002.jpg

So what gives? Did Tagamikazuchi just give me too much exp such that the game didn't register my techter as having lvled past 75? If so, can this be considered a bug?

The total exp resets to the value of what you had when you reached 75 after getting a cube.

@Macmaxi I see thanks for the clarification. Wouldn't have known until I'd 75'd every class then went back to lvling my main class