It seems I've been banned. But why?

So Im very new to MMO's, this is pretty much my first one, and Ive been playing it for about 10 days. This is actually my first time ever even being in a forum. However, all my friends in my block are saying they cant interact with me or anything, and they cant see what Im saying. At first, I assumed the chat was down again, but then they were claiming I had been shadowbanned, I guess. I have no idea why that could've happened, I haven't been rude to anyone, or sent anything explict. The worst thing I've done was suck at playing the game. Would love some help with this, thanks-

@Doctor-Grell they could have been lulling your leg, if you are chat banned you get an Error 815.

Chat was down for quite a while today.


You aren't banned. It's a bug with the servers. You need to relog again to actually be registered as online.