It seems I've been banned? Why?

So Im very new to MMO's, this is pretty much my first one, and Ive been playing it for about 10 days. This is actually my first time ever even being in a forum. However, all my friends in my block are saying they cant interact with me or anything, and they cant see what Im saying. At first, I assumed the chat was down again, but then they were claiming I had been shadowbanned, I guess. I have no idea why that could've happened, I haven't been rude to anyone, or sent anything explict. The worst thing I've done was suck at playing the game. I can still play, but just cant chat or interact with anyone, its bumming me out a bit. Would love some help with this, thanks-

I'm pretty sure it's just this widespread chat bug going around- everyone in my alliance is affected as well. It's weird in how it works and seems to randomly disallow your text to be seen by others- which also makes you unable to use chat commands-including emotes. Other times you can chat with others but won't be able to see your own text. Hopefully there is a fix soon as it makes communication not possible.

Nobody is banned, this is just Xbox Live having issues since for some reason the Chat Server is just Xbox Live.

So whenever it has problems, we just won't have consistent chat.

@MoldyAsp33874 Oh alright, do you think it's a combination of PSO's bug and the Xbox Live issues going on then? My friend said it looked like I got soft-banned or whatever. Thanks for the help, by the way! ^^

@SuccubusAlice Ohhh that's probably it. That sucks, cuz it feels like xbox has problems every 4 minutes 😕 thanks for the help though!