Don't release successor/scion classes for NA.

As JP players know the so called Scion classes are a topic of hot debate on JP servers in regards to game balance. First arriving with HERO class in EP5 the implementation of them nearly buried PSO2 alive with the episode noting large player drop and extremely negative opinion wave on many social platforms. The so called Scion classes made a sizeable chunk of playerbase stop playing due to being a straight declaration from then directing Hamazaki to stop playing what you like and play what makes Sega cut down balancing costs even if it means phasing out subclassing, skill trees that actually mattered, and making literally everyone play one class only for months. While to some extend ,and through months of brave legacy players sticking to their ways while cowardly successor traitors enjoyed their class bias, many balancing problems have been patched up allowing legacy classes to outdo successor ones with twice the effort, it's clear that the game has and would be doing better without scion/successor classes. We will even have to deal with Etoile subclassing (yes, thanks to legacy effort we were given option of using 2 newest successor classes as subclasses to legacy classes only) that for example broke the game balance severely offering free 70% damage resist on top of being the best damage subclass for many class combos too.

For those reasons and more I propose indefinite postponement in the implementation of Scion classes on North American servers .

We're up to date with nerfs and buffs if that accounts for anything.

Think it would be better to ask for more dfifficult content- but that would make people who rather use a class they like over the classes you need and the ones people want to have in their party. PSO2 is not a difficult game- especially with us getting more ways than JP did- earlier- to power up our characters. The content this early is a joke in terms of difficulty- and there's still the problem of raid bosses in SH having more HP than XH due to an oversight.

Rebalancing of endgame content difficulties is necessary- we are just waiting to see what happens.

Yes indeed, while not as terrible as the HORRIFYING EP5 release, the game still retains many problems introduced by successor classes that while often phasing the oldest Hero out of its top dog spot, do it by releasing a newer class that is even more ridiculous like Phantom. Many balance changes Sega does to keep some classes in the game aren't the most fun either, like Etoile letting some classes become nearly invincible with 70% damage reduction just because they otherwise can't keep up with offensive while avoiding damage like Phantom can. After successor introduction the game has never managed to recover the playerbase levels seen through episode 3 and 4 on top of having very imbalanced class composition heavily favoring successor/scion classes.

Ok, but in turn launch EU servers with only Succ classes. This way legacybabs and succkeks can both have their own containment server.

Completely disagree and absolutely love the new classes. Tons of fun!

Yeah, I'm not in favor of not introducing them, but this does concern me as I plan on continuing to play Fo/Te. I feel like ever since the secondary classes(Fi/Gu/Te) were released the game has been upping the pace of the game, leaving things like careful dodging/timing behind in favor of "fast-paced" gameplay. New Genesis worries me about this as well.

As someone from JP who has continued to stubbornly play FI among a HR/PH/ET majority, I can say with honesty that those classes have been incredibly detrimental to game balance as a whole- not due to their raw power, but rather the sheer range of their attacks coupled with their mobility. The enemies in ep5 onwards are designed with this mobility in mind, too, which makes the divide between OG and scion classes all the greater.

After players in JP rightfully rioted (red dragon UQ's initial launch in JP was a MESS), the OG classes were given mobility buffs to help them keep up, which is what we've had in NA since launch... but nothing was done to address their lack of aerial mobility or the difference in attack range. And instead of giving them that much-needed buff, they just made more scion classes... often with the very skills the OG classes could have benefited from. :V

It's sadly something that looks like it's never going to get resolved in OG PSO2's lifetime, but NG appears to be giving the OG classes the boost they need.

@Moei said in Don't release successor/scion classes for NA.:

Yeah, I'm not in favor of not introducing them, but this does concern me as I plan on continuing to play Fo/Te. I feel like ever since the secondary classes(Fi/Gu/Te) were released the game has been upping the pace of the game, leaving things like careful dodging/timing behind in favor of "fast-paced" gameplay. New Genesis worries me about this as well.

Im sorry but doesnt fast paced gameplay entail careful dodging and timing?

Surely if you dont like new classes you dont have to use them ????? But why the need to stop others

This whole thing with new classes is something I'm used to see in Korean MMOs, where newer classes are released to entice (actually push and shove) players to create new characters and spend more money. Some games make it so bad that newer classes can out perform old classes by nearly double when first released. Then they usually tone them down when money flow.... er, player feedback begins to be an issue against such classes.

PSO2 doesn't have the problem of having to create a new character for a new class, so I don't know why a new class should need to be so much more powerful (if what people say around here is true). I'd understand easy to use classes, but if I were to create a balance, an easy to use class should have less final potential than a hard to use one.

scion classes are good, makes devs buff the other classes to their levels with peak skill builds/etc. It's good to have classes like this in the balance of the game and of course they're gonna be released.

Yeah, nothing will prevent scion classes from being released in NA... but the OG classes still aren't fully up to par with them, even with the buffs from JP that we've had from the start. We need things like: floating while charging PAs/techs on all classes, a fast, low cost "chase" PA that can move vertically as well as horizontally, ability to adjust position in air to some degree mid-PA instead of being 100% stationary, etc... That kind of stuff. EVERY class should have skills as basic as that, it's the bare minimum they need going forward in order to deal with the upcoming hypermobile enemies with weak points at double-jump height (or higher, ep6 in particular will be notorious for having flying enemies with tiny weakpoints and heavy resistances on all other parts of their bodies...)

TLDR we need more aerial mobility on OG classes as a whole.

It's almost as if you never played Ultimate on Episode 1 or 2... Tsk Tsk. Being at a severe disadvantage despite your buffs, weapons, and mobility is the way of PSO. The kind of thing where you have to start sacrificing your overall damage potential for evading some seriously terrible things.

I really did enjoy all the constructive posts 😛