Can't launch game...

Ok so this started after my PC came out of sleep mode. I tried to launch the game and nothing. My PC just increased its CPU load by 10% under "wsappx" service and when I use Take Manager to close it I get a message. "Phantasy Star Online 2 can’t open because it is offline. The storage device might be missing or disconnected." I don't even know what that means. Microsoft, seriously, I've been waiting 8 years for this game and you are botching it to hell and back. I've updated my PC, shut down and restarted it, nothing. Please help.

Now's its saying I need to reinstall the game. That's it I'm using the Tweaker.

Now I'm pretty sure that while the game is gone, it's still taking up space on my hard drive. I REALLY NEED HELP NOW.

I got access to the folder, I think all my installs are there. Was like 200+ GBs of data. Deleting it all now. Should have this all sorted out in a few hours. I now see why so many people are using the Tweaker. if this game dies in NA, it'll be on Microsoft.