Please Could you do something about the people being afk in UQ's

Can you please do something about the AFK players in UQ's it's not really nice to play and just see people sitting in the middle doing nothing, while a group of 10 are really trying to get the mission done I witness a person make a joke say report me I'm eating pizza I don't care, and the sat afk in the middle of the Cross Road's in Vagas for 3 separate run's and made a joke of the reporting Feature of the game.

I understand people need to go afk and all that jazz but this person was just taking the piss out of it and leeching and did not care as no ramification's will happen.

Yea, report system is a joke. Reporting RMT spammers doesn't do much, still spamming for long time, so I doubt they will take AFK reports seriously either.

rmt reporting is useless in a f2p game, theyll just make a milion new accounts. also Sega seems to support RMT with offering abusable 1 dollar xbox live pass deals and zero effort/high reward weekly quests. they honestly could not make it easier for gold sellers, all they need to invest in is 200ac +the 1 dolar deal

@GrandTickler87 The Xbox Live pass charge rate is decided by Microsoft. You seem to have very little knowledge in regards to this, and it would be wise to know what you are talking about, before passing blame. Nobody supports the bots, it's just that two issues are abundantly clear here. One, people are reporting others for minor personal offence, rather than actual issues like the bots, and that two, new Microsoft accounts get free gold for one month on creation, so even with PC's botched launch, new accounts are profitable, and require zero forethought.

The topic here isn't the bots, so you are helping to derail the topic. Afk players are there own issue entirely.

@Anarchy-Marine Thank you 😛 bot's are bot's that's always going to be a thing no matter what afk players on the other hand is fixable

I've seen a few bots that I've reported and they had been muted.

Was fun watching them appear in to the same lobby only to stand there silently.

People might be managing their inventories, talking to their alliance or group chats or private messaging, really bold to assume they're afk. Also if you can still win when this happens, why does it even matter? It's not hurting you or impairing your ability to win or anything like that. I've never once seen a Vegas Urgent Quest fail.

I sometimes harass the goldspammer bots by shoving them, it turns out they're programmed to stand in specific spots and to reposition themselves back to those spots if moved from them.

Play in a group. Form your own MPAs. Then you can dictate who gets to join and who gets kicked.

@Anarchy Marine sorry for derailing, had to blow off some steam, but i still think they are making it very easy for goldsellers to thrive right now.

and i agree afking in multi party areas should be punished, either by gm's, or easier, by the player with a vote system like more modern mmos have.

@Nuebot that only works if you have 11 other people you can hand pick. you only have control over your own party. beyond that u could basically have 3 other party's with afking people lol

I'd have a laugh if we had to make a list again for players who leech | afk. 😑

A timeout report system would be nice; stops them from doing higher difficulty UQs. Just don't want it abused..

@XUL You can report them by clicking them.

Utilize it.

@Mattwo7 All characters eventually return to their places if you shove them, its not programming but rather the game returning them back to where they were standing.

If someone's doing an emote they will teleport back to their place at some point.

I am aware, just adding onto the previous post.

@XUL said in Please Could you do something about the people being afk in UQ's:

I'd have a laugh if we had to make a list again for players who leech | afk. 😑

A timeout report system would be nice; stops them from doing higher difficulty UQs. Just don't want it abused..

Ah yes, community managed black lists have never been abused by people with petty grudges and I'm certain the definition of leech/afk will be perfectly reasonable and not inevitably devolve into "wasn't running perfectly affixed top tier gear and carrying the entire run" like they always do.

Really depends on the type of MPA.

Exploration? Nah. Ultimate? Doesn't matter, they are probably moon fodder anyways. Las Vegas UQ? Even on Extremely Hard everything is very weak, so it doesn't matter too much.

Boss enemies with large health pools make a big difference and can only be completed once (except Magatsu, he is repeatable) so that is more understandably infuriating.

If I noticed it in my party I will just boot them if it is for a long period of time, but in the case of Las Vegas, the quest can be over by the time you make a cup of coffee and get back to the console. Not really worth someone getting punished over.

@Mattwo7 its not about failing why should i carry someone and anyone can tell someone whos pure afk or leeching to someone fixing invo, this person openly laughed about it and went afk and sat in the middle for 3 run's...