What a joke

71 USD for a pack of Boosters that do not work as advertised and seemingly work against you.


Your still dropping tons and tons of content exclusively thru SG shop and as far as I can see they will not be back, you dont address anything at all. Only reason you dropped the road map was discontent, which makes the rest even more insulting. You reallt going forward with this greedy model? You know your players have followed pso2 one way or another for about 9 years now? We understand how the systems work and how they should work,giving us a lesser version of anything is an idiot move.


Been playing on the JP server now for a few days and all I can say is holy moly what a difference. The difference between NA and JP is like night and say.

I didn't mind NA adding content a little bit at a time, what bothers me is the changes they are constantly making and the absolute die hard desperation of focus they put on the fresh finds shop. One thing you are also right about is that they don't address anything. Not a single hot topic on the NA server has been discussed or addressed by the devs. At this point its safe to say this servers devs have absolutely no intention with ever communicating with us and their stance on things is going to be "My way or the highway" sort of deal.

I'm happy to be supporting the JP server, I only ever bought a founders pack on NA but at least on JP i'm spending more and feel like I'm getting actual value from my purchases. No regrets what so ever.

so where's the proof of 400% not being working as intended ? don't tell me you "feel like i got less drop" or "i didn't get any nemesis or slave"

Guess it's something like that for 400%. Hear of people that get lots of stuff using it. Also 90% of player don't really know how % works.. so that's a lot of it

From my personal experience the 400 percent, alliance rare drop buff, tri-boost and certain food buffs increase your rare drop rate. Works very well on the ultimate runs. This is what I have personally experienced. I alway leave with at least three 13 stars within a proper run.