Did I just get robbed?

So just finished the Urgent VR Mission on Extreme mode, used a Rare 250% booster to try and get the Gix Weapons.

So joined a random party beacon at the star why not, more experience, right? "Thank god I wanted the experience!" (Sarcasm)

So, we finished up the run in about 10 mins ish no big deal. Guess what? a Rarity 13 dropped, how do I know? because I'm well aware of what it looks like with the Rainbow glowing Diamond box above the Rainbow glowing wording. (I've already gotten a few Gix weapons before).

Now I suppose this doesn't particularly bother me all too much, but the mechanic behind how the party mechanic, and how starting a new quest works.

Obviously no one got anything in my group aside me, and I was trying to clear my inventory to make room for some everything that dropped, there was at least 3 Rainnbow Diamond drops I seen, I figured neat, I'll just sit here a little bit, and throw some crap out I don't need. Whilst I was doing this, I was suddenly teleported with no notification as to why, or even a Warning. Nope, party leader just thought it wise to up and start a new Urgent, he didn't get anything obviously. I also get Urgents are timed too, but the way this mechanic works is just stupid.

I wasted a Rare Booster 250%, had great drops, and POOF, all up in smoke, and gone.

I know it's been 8 years, but I mean, you'd at least think after THAT LONG, you would have added in a VOTE, or "READY UP" mechanic into the party missons, and not just be forced to get screwed over, because the group leader didn't want to wait a few seconds.

Just another reason to hate partying up for Urgent Quests i suppose. If people can just get screwed over like that, there's absolutely no point in partying up with anyone other than people you know, which sadly, I'm the only one in a group I play with that's awake as of now.

Anyways... Just you know... a thought on how Party Mechanics works, and I guess a warning to people who join random parties on Urgents. Not worth it in my opinion.

Rule one when doing UQ is to go in ample space to spare because a lot of time that 1-2 minute space between each UQ is the difference between getting 4 runs in verse 3.

There is also a "ready up" screen when you take the UQ but the fastest way to retake the same quest is to "repeat last quest" at the teleporter in the gateship. This does not have a ready up screen. Also, the leader has the option by-pass the team anyways and just kick it off. So yeah, go in with inventory to spare. Also, you don't join UQ parties for exp, you do it for the 10% rdr per person.

There's a setting to autocollect 13*, even if your inventory is full it gets thrown into your storage

Well yea... if you don't have room to pick up everything up or only pick up reds and above - think twice about joining party for the urgents that have unlimited runs.

People want to get as many runs in as possible. If it takes longer for you to pick up things than the party leader to pick up what they wanted and go back in to the ship + loading screen, and go through the menu to start a new run - you're too slow. You either need to have a party with friends where you can communicate with voice or be the party lead yourself.

On NA, I run urgents with 16~18/50 inventory and on JP i used to do around 40/150 - pick up everything, get on gateway ship, if there's time, throw ? weapons in storage. Once new urgent starts, get a new drink - use the shop within the 30 seconds countdown.

And yes, use the auto collect 13 star and above weapons, 12 star and above units, and auto meseta pick up - I also do auto material pick up so grinders/synthesizers/badges/excubes goes in my inventory

imagine crying over an 250% boost lmao

"there was at least 3 rainbow diamond boxes" lmao

I dunno, were you really expecting everyone to just wait for you while you took your time doing inventory management because you didn't think to empty it before you went?

that's why i don't join random groups. Happened to me once and i never joined any ever again. You could also go in with alot of inv space. Also auto collect should work as long as you have some space in your storage like other people said.

When you are doing UQ like Dark falz elder, Magatsu or even VR. You need to make sure you clear up your inventory because there is no waiting. Once the PT lead collect everything he can, he will re take the quest with no warning. You want to repeat as many Urgent quest as you can.

That why you put autocollect 13* in option, you will never have this probs.

Did you get robbed? No. Did you learn something from this experience? Probably the wrong thing, BUT because you posted this topic at least you can walk away knowing that inventory management pre-UQ and auto-pickups are a thing and will prevent this from happening ever again.

F in chat, bois.

As mentioned, it's a harsh but valuable lesson. When doing UQ's you always take the time to prepare ahead. Make sure you inventory space is as empty as can be. (Bring your equipment, mates and boosters, nothing more).

UQ's are on a time limit and people aren't going to wait around for you to empty out and sort your inventory while you pick through the loot pile. The rule of thumb is to grab everything thats red and sort through it after the UQ run's end. Regardless, it really sucks that happened to you still. Also as mentioned you can change your setting to auto accept 13 star weapons, they get sent to your storage if you cant pick them up believe.

Best of luck in your future runs.

Why are you trying to get a Gix weapon that's your firstt problem

I'd say i had the same problem with peoples rushing vegas uq with the long ass teleport animation in the center even though i get there way before it starts and once the leader restarted way before i could litteraly get to one item. That's just infuriating when it happends, it doesn't need to be you to be slow for it to happen it just happends full inventory or not.

People typically want to go fast for these to potentially squeeze an extra run in.

Take this as a lesson to either not join randoms or to send your inventory to bank while the 30 day long teleporter sequence is happening at start.