I give up

I've spend the past 3 days trying to play the game. I try'd downloading off the Microsoft store, downloading the tweeker along with several bug fixes, nothing has worked. All I get is a seemingly infinite loop of updating the launcher so I can download the game but first I need too update the launcher so I can download the game ETC. closed beta games and emulators aren't this hard to get working. So i'm done with PSO2, who ever is in charge of the NA release needs to do something to fix this issue so many of us are having or I expect the NA player base will gone within a year

@Nicko if you have an Xbox one just use that version instead

Sorry about that. But to ease your troubles, You will need to have ALL windows updates installed first. The last round of Windows updates were not very good and causes all sorts of issues. I would say give it a go once more. Try downloading the XBOX companion APP and the console app. So like, open the companion APP, at the top search for PSO2 and click to install , thats it.

I am throwing in the towel now as well. Every time MS gaming service (not Windows10) needs an update, it automatically reinstall the game. After this latest "update", it automatically install itself every time I start the game.

There are solutions posted all over the net, however my Windows is so screwed over by this incident that I have folders with no ownership. So the solutions don't work.

The nonsense that came with it isn't worth the price. Thanks for the fun in June, SEGA and MS.

@OneFlyingDog if you have Xbox one just change over to that version

@TURION-MOONSTAR Maybe they could fix the game for a massive playerbase? How about that maybe?