Frequent 630 Error in [Virtual Planet Battle Training]

I've never had as many error code 630 as I've gotten in Virtual Planet Battle Training. Somewhere in the middle between Dekor Maryuda spawn and the last section of the Urgent Quest, there's roughly more than 70% chance of me dropping connection out of the blue for no reason. It is not my internet. It seems to only happen in the UQ itself as I do not 630 otherwise. Or happens very, very, rarely. Not this often at the same area.

I do not know if it's just me or if others are experiencing this, but some form of investigation may be needed. Thank you.

  • What are your computer specs?
  • What is your ISP provided bandwidth?
  • Are you using the PSO2 Tweaker?
  • Are you using any additional networking gear/software aside from a base modem/router? (including VPNS) -If so; list those additions as well

I've been getting a boat load of error 630s too. I'm normally experiencing them right after the run ends or just after I reload the room but it's not exclusive to just these scenarios. It's just where it's happening the most for me currently.